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Resources may be exhausted but culture will last. All industrial products are made by man. Without natural resources to rely on, we have to explore"rich oil fields, big forests, huge coal mines..." in our brains.
Our culture is not knowledge, technology, management or ideas alone, it also involves all the other intangible factors that can promote productivity development.
Soshine culture encourages cooperation, team spirit, honesty, self-criticism, and step-by-step improvement in our work.
Love for our country, people, work and life keeps us together. Sense of duty, originality, devotion and team spirit are the soul of our corporate culture."Being down-to-earth" is our norm of conduct.
Soshine PEOPLE
A dutiful and disciplined staff is the greatest wealth of Soshine. Respect for knowledge and individuality, emphasis on collective effort but not indulgence in our past laurels are essential to keep us going. Soshine emphasizes result-based values in a bid to set up a mechanism for our members of staff to motivate, manage and discipline themselves. Soshine also
provides channels for employees to develop towards management and technology R&D