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How do we select a charger?
Fast chargers and slow chargers have their respective merits and demerits. You should choose a charger that meets your performance and cost requirements.

A fast charger delivers speed, but its design is more complicated, and therefore is usually more expensive than a slow charger.

Overcharging can shorten a NiMH batterys cycle life. Hence a well-designed fast charger has to incorporate certain protection mechanisms that prevent the batteries from being overcharged.

These protection mechanisms, ranging from sophisticated voltage detection to temperature monitoring and timer control, can be expensive. Normally a fast charger has to incorporate at least one of these mechanisms. The more mechanisms it has, the better the protection and thus the higher the price.

Therefore, when charging speed is not a priority, it would be more cost effective to select a slow charger, which also gives longer battery service life and enables fuller charge of a battery compared with a fast charger.

However, for applications that require fast charging speed, e.g. remote control racing toy car and digital cameras, it would be worthwhile to invest more for a fast charger to ensure continuous supply of energy

Time:  2011-10-07