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If I do not have a charging table is there an easy way to find the charging time for my charger and specified battery?
here is a simple way to account for the charging times.
First, check the charger label to get the charging (output) current (120mA for 2AA cells). Then
Charging Time (hours) = Cell Capacity X 1.2 / Output Current

For example, for the BC-8201 Charger and NHAA2300mAh rechargeable battery
Charging Time (hours) = 2300mAh X 1.2 /  120mA = 23 (hours)

For AA2600=2600 X 1.2 / 120 = 26 hours
AA2500=2500 X 1.2 / 120 =  25 hours
AA2300= 23 hrs
AA2200= 22 hrs
AA2000= 20 hrs
AA1800= 18hrs
AA1600=  16hrs
and so on.
Time:  2011-10-07