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Li-ion Charger

Soshine 1-4PCS AA /AAA NiMH /Li-ion 2-USB Battery Charger |C4
Soshine 1-4PCS AA /AAA NiMH /Li-ion 2-USB Battery Charger |C4
Product Overview
Model:  C4
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Soshine 1-4PCS AA /AAA NiMH /Li-ion /2-USB Battery Charger
Designation:Smart AA/AAA NiMH /Li-ion  Battery Charger
Model: C4
Color: Black /White
Charge Capability:"AA" (1-4) "AAA" (1-4)
Shut off  Mechanism:NiMH Battery Delta V Detection,Timer (18 hours)
Charging Current: NiMH/Li-ion 1-4 X AA/AAA 500mA
                              Charger Input : Micro USB /TYPE C, 5V 1A- 2A
Charging indication: LED Display,Red-charging  Green -complete Red flash- bad battery 

Primary Battery Detection:Yes


Charger Size (mm): (H x L x W) 95x 70 x 26
Package Size (mm): (H x L x W) 160*90*50

Charger Weight :55 g
Charge+ Cable: 60g
Charger with Package Weight:160g


Patent No.: ZL 2019 3 0189990.1



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