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AA | AAA | C | D | 9V

Professional LCD Universal Battery 5V /12V /24V input Charger
Professional LCD Universal Battery 5V /12V /24V input Charger
Product Overview
LCD Universal 5V /12V /24V Charger
for Ni-MH /Li-ion /LiFePO4 battery
Model:  CD1(Pro)
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Li-ion / LiFePO4 18650  26650 32650 14500 10440 18500 18350 21700 32700 RCR123 9V
Ni-MH  AAA AA C D 9V Battery



Can Charge
1-4pcs Li-ion 3.7V/LiFePO4 3.2V 18650 16340 26650 32650 14500 10440 18500 18350 21700 32700 RCR123
Ni-MH 1.2V AAA AA C D  Battery and 1-2pcs 9V Ni-MH/Li-ion rechargeable batteries of different sizes and
brands simultaneously.
Ultra fast charging
With current of 1A @ 12V 2A input adaptor, Battery can be charged 4 times faster than normal .
Safe Charging:
Short-circuit protection, Over voltage cut-off protection, Reverse polarity protection, Auto alert worse/bad
battery, Auto cut-off, Voice prompt.
Car Charger Port & 5V USB Port :
So it works either with a wall outlet or car charger port.



Input : 12V-24V DC 1A-2A / USB-C   5V DC 2A

Output : 4.2V Li-ion /4.35V Li-ion /3.6V LiFePO4,1.4V NiMH >500mA*4

9V Ni-MH 9.8V >150mA*2, 9V Li-ion 8.4V >200mA*2

Charge mode:  CC / CV@Li-ion LiFePO4, ΔV@ Ni-MH        

Charge Time: 2-14 hours

Size: L17.5*W11.5*H5cm(7*4.5*2 inch),                            

Weight: 225g(charger)+95g(adapter)


Touch function

Press for 2s------LiFePO4 battery mode
Long press for 10s---Li-ion 4.35V battery mode
Power on in 10S press for 2s with battery ---Beep sound off

Charge the battery press for 2s ------turn off  LCD light


LCD indication

Charging -------Icon and levels running light up
Complete -------Battery icon all light on
Bad battery-----Battery icon flash


Do not disassemble, modify any part of the charger, or attempt to use the chargers as power source.


The product has applied for patent
2020 Soshine International, inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are registered trademarks
of respective manufactures listed.





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