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The Battery Case for 2 Cells RCR123/ CR2 Batteries
The Battery Case for 2 Cells RCR123/ CR2 Batteries
Product Overview
Model:  SBC-030
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The Battery Organizer for 2 Cells RCR123/CR2 Batteries

Bar Code: 6951151533012
Product details:

This battery case is perfect for storage 1-2 pcs RCR123 batteries.
Keep your batteries organized and protected,it helps protect your batteries from accidental shorts and clean.
It also keeps your batteries safe and dry and stop them from getting lost.
Good for travel,hiking,camping,in office or at home!

Weight: 6.5g 
Dimensions: 38x42x20.3mm
Colour: translucent,  blue, green
The battery case is tailored for storing 1-2pcs of RCR123 batteries
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