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Soshine Lithium AAA 1.5Volt Battery with Battery Box
Soshine Lithium AAA 1.5Volt Battery with Battery Box
Product Overview
 Lithium AAA 1.5Volt 
Model:  AAA(Lithium)
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Soshine Lithium AAA 1.5Volt Battery with Battery Box

Model: AAA(Lithium)*8

Bar code:6951151513410


Package:4 Packs AAA 1200mAh Lithium Batteries (NOT rechargeable) and battery storagecase.
Super long storagelife span, up to 10 years, friendly environment and less waste.
Long-lasting up to6x than alkaline batteries digital cameras, handheld GPS more with hightechnology.
Performancebatteries devote on extreme temperatures: -40 to 140F.
Portable takingbatteries with durable battery case - 33% lighter than standard alkalinebatteries - ideal for year-round, indoor and outdoor use


Type: Lithium/Iron Disulfide
Model: AA (Lithium)
Dimension (mm): D10.5,H44.5
Nominal Voltage:1.5V
Capacity Nominal: 1200mAh(Ave.)
Nominal discharge current: 35mA
End voltage of discharge: 0.8V
Weight: 7.3g
Temperature: Operating temperature : 
Storage temperature: : -10
Storage life:10 years@21


Battery Size (D x H mm): 14.1x 50.4 (1PC)

Package Size (L x W x H mm):51x 50 x16(4PCS)

Package Size (L x W x H mm): 91.2x 52.8 x 15.9(8PCS)


Battery Weight: 7.3g (1PC), 29.2g (4PCS), 58.4g (8PCS)
Battery with Package Weight: 37.2g (4PCS)

Battery with PackageWeight: 78.4g (8PCS)


Package included:

4 xAAA Lithium Battery / 8 x AAA Lithium Battery

1x Battery case

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