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Power packs

E3S 18650 Portable Power Source Bank + Charger 3.5A
E3S 18650 Portable Power Source Bank  + Charger 3.5A
Product Overview
Charge and discharge at same time  
Can use 5V 10W solar panels 
18650x4 can be replaced                                
LCD display Current Voltage Capcity Time 
DC OUT 3.5A(max)
DC IN 1.5(max)
Efficient battery discharge
Simultaneously Charge-discharge 
Model:  E3S
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E3S 18650 Portable Power Source Bank +Charger 3.5A
Model: E3S
Bar Code:6951151551320
Technical Details:
18650x4 can be replaced
Cell: Li-ion 18650
LCD display Current Voltage Capcity Time 
Intelligent power manage IC, overcharge protection, short circuit protection
Charge and discharge at same time
Can use 6V >10W solar panels
DC OUT:USB1+USB2 >3.5A(max)
Efficient battery discharge
Simultaneously Charge-discharge
Capacity: 13600mAh(4*18650 3400)
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium-ion 3.7/3.6V
Input: DC 5V / 2A ,6V >10W(Solar panels )
Output: USB1  1A
             USB2  2.1A  (3.5A max)
Input USB-micro B type 
Energy storage battery: 18650 Li-ion 3400mAh
Charging time USB-micro B type 1500mA input Approx.:7-8 hours
Energy leakage loss under idle mode Approx.:2.4mah / Day
Color: black
Size(mm): L114*W86*H28mm
Weight:105g(without battery),292g(with battery 3400)
Specification download:
Soshine E3S User Guide download
Letter of apology for Soshine E3S "sys fail" problem
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