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Li-FePO4 Charger

Smart Charger for Li-FePO4 14500 10440 (3.2V) /Ni-MH AA AAA (1.2V) |F7(Fe)
Smart Charger for Li-FePO4 14500 10440 (3.2V) /Ni-MH AA AAA (1.2V) |F7(Fe)
Product Overview
Charge for 1-2PCS Ni-MH AA/AAA or  LiFePO4 14500 10440 Battery       
2 LED display
Automatic 1.2V/3.2V battery pack voltage and polarity detection
Quick safe
Model:  F7(Fe)
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Smart Charger for Li-FePO4 14500 10440 (3.2V) /Ni-MH AA AAA (1.2V)

Bar Code: 6951151524614




Input: AC 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
LiFePO4  3.2V 14500 400mA*1 400mA*2
LiFePO4  3.2V 10440 200mA*1 200mA*2
Ni-MH AA  1.2V 500mA*1  500mA*2
Ni-MH AAA 1.2V 250mA*1  250mA*2

Charger mode: CC/CV (LiFePO4 Battery) /DELTA V ( Ni-MH Battery)
Color: white
Size(mm): L70x W65 x H27mm
Weight :30g            


Packing details (EU):

Carton size: 50*32*27 cm

62 boxes/ carton

Gross weight: 7.6 kg/ carton


Charge for 1-2PCS Ni-MH AA/AAA or  LiFePO4 14500 10440 Battery    

2 LED display
Automatic 1.2V/3.2V battery pack voltage and polarity detection
Quick safe
Auto alert indication for worse battery pack and bad battery

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